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Fundamental Human-Level AI

Makes core AI technologies more human.

Responsible AI

Builds equity, inclusivity, interpretability, privacy, and security into AI.

Social and Interactive AI

Supports human and human-machine interaction.

Cognitive AI

Benefits from (or provides insight into) the human condition.

Health and Global AI

Helps humans understand and address medical and global problems.

Creative AI

Supports human creativity.

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Artificial Intelligence must be equipped with a better understanding of the human intelligence, values and needs for it to serve the best interests of humanity.

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Emotional AI

Harnessing fundamental human-level AI to understand and respond to human emotions in real-time, for use in mental health and well-being applications.


Ethical AI

Embedding responsible AI principles into decision-making processes, allowing for transparent, ethical decision-making.


Financial AI

Leveraging social and interactive AI for personalized financial services, such as financial planning and investment advice.


Environmental AI

Applying cognitive AI to monitor and analyze environmental data, and support efforts to address climate change.


Legal AI

Using health and global AI to analyze legal data and support more efficient and effective legal decision-making.


Artistic AI

Empowering human creativity through the use of creative AI technologies, for use in digital art and music production.



Join 0xAI in advancing AI for the betterment of humanity.

We seek to collaborate with companies and donors who share our vision for interdisciplinary, cutting-edge research in next-generation AI that is inspired by human intelligence.

Partnering with us will enable us to explore new frontiers in AI and to develop innovative solutions that make a positive impact on society.

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